Solve all your marketing
problems in a click.

Build unstoppable growth with
Theosiz's CMO as a Service.

We collaborate with brands to:

  • identify and optimize their product-market fit,

  • market their story to their ideal audience, and

  • ​create an online and offline brand identity to boost organic sales.

Our flagship service : CMOaaS is a one stop solution by Theosiz, for all your Marketing and Marketer needs. We become your in-house Marketing counsel and executioner. It is an umbrella service which  covers all the individual services we offer.

Why CMOaaS is the next big thing?

  • Developing the marketing strategy for both the short-term and long-term.

  • Deciding and committing to which marketing strategies are best for your business, such as SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, a podcast, etc.

  • Solving marketing problems that will arise and need to be resolved quickly.

  • Lead the marketing department and inspire team members.

  • Hiring new employees and building out your team for success.

  • Working with outsourced agencies leaning on their experience.

Does this sound like you?

"Our social presence is very low and current strategy is not working well. We want to improve our brand reach."

"We have low sales and are struggling in finding product market fit. We want to figure out our product - market fit and increase our organic sales."

"We are spending a lot for customer acquisition. We want to reduce and optimise our customer acquisition cost."

"My brand has little to no recognition. I want to increase and improve my brand recognition."

"Our brand is struggling with its identity. How do we maintain consistency with our brand message on all platforms?"

" My company is struggling with overall marketing & branding. I want an overall marketing and branding for business to compete with the best of bests."

then you are at the right place

Our Approach

We schedule an orientation meeting with you for Business knowledge transfer.

We analyze every possible marketing strategy against the market audience.

We finalize our three stages from
Brand Awareness,
Brand Consideration,
Customer Acquisition
and deliver a quote from our end along with proposed timelines.

We set up metrics with every step and collect data to optimize and iterate our campaign according to customer behavior and interaction.

From data we collect during marketing campaigns we find the product-market fit and keep iterating it until we have optimized the campaign to get the best possible result.